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Literary Terms

A character is a person, animal, being, creature, or thing in a story. Writers use characters to perform the actions and speak dialogue , moving the story along a line. A story can have only one character ( For Cheap Sale Exclusive Amiri distressed skinny jeans with under layer Free Shipping Low Price Fee Shipping Free Shipping Best qkAcQNt
) and still be a complete story. This character’s conflict may be an inner one (within him/herself), or a conflict with something natural, such as climbing a mountain. Most stories have multiple characters interacting, with one of them as the Clearance Online Saint Laurent Saint Laurent Université Tshirt Clearance Latest Cheap Wholesale Shop Offer A1mGS
, causing a conflict for the protagonist.

A popular television series that just ended is the show “Glee.” Each season had popular characters who had to learn to work together to create a good musical production. Various characters underwent a change, making them a dynamic character, such as Noah Puckerman. He appears to carry out the Saint Laurent denim shirt Cheap Sale New Arrival Buy Cheap Genuine jmb3v
of a jock (strong but not so smart), but his character changes as it’s revealed that he can be hard working and intelligent.

A movie that features one character throughout most of it is “Castaway” with Tom Hanks. His character is on board a shipping plane when it crashes. He’s the only survivor, trapped on an island for four years. This movie focuses on his psychological (mental) and physical condition as he slowly adapts to a life of isolation, living alone on an island that is off all regular sea and airplane routes. It’s a great example of how a story can work with only one character, although many minor characters appear in the beginning and end.

These are the most important characters in the story. There are two types, of which there may be a couple for each.

Protagonist Antagonist

These are the other characters in a story. They are not as important as the major characters, but still play a large part in the story. Their actions help drive the story forward. They may impact the decisions the protagonist or antagonist make, either helping or interfering with the conflict.

Characters can have different traits. Major characters will usually be more dynamic, changing and growing through the story while minor characters may be more static.

Static Dynamic

Characters are what make stories. Without a character, there is no story to tell, only a lot of scenery. Many characters in literature, television series, and movies have a huge impact on people. Some people like to live their lives through these characters, who appear to have more exciting lives. Also, these characters may seem so real and inspirational, that people forget they are fictional.

Characters become so important to the audience, that cities across the country hold conventions in which people pay a lot of money to dress and act as their favorite characters from multiple types of shows, particularly of the comic magazine View Cheap Price Won Hundred Lilian trousers Outlet New Styles Shop Sale Online Buy Cheap Affordable GQCQoK
(type of literature).


Cloaking is a sophisticated technique that attempts to show search engines a different version of the website than the one visitors see. While minor offenses are often accidental (think Ajax or Javascript rich sites), Google considers cloaking to be a deliberate attempt to manipulate its search results. Get caught cloaking and be prepared to suffer the consequences – up to and including a full ban.


When Google detects spam on multiple websites hosted by the same host, they usually penalize all the websites.


Google’s rule on this one is crystal clear – no buying or selling links in a way that passes on search engine ranking credit. Google dislikes this practice so much that they have banned companies like J.C. Penny and Overstock for months at a time. Paid links may seem like a cost-effective way to improve search rankings. But get caught doing it on Google and you’ll pay a heavy price. (Hint: don’t believe programs that tell you their paid links can escape Google detection.) You can report paid links here .

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Are you redirecting the user to a piece of content that is different than what they search for? Oscar de la Renta embellished cropped cardigan Cheap Sale Inexpensive kivr4n

Did you create a bunch of pages that provide no value, but are intended to rank for keywords? Leisure Society Kepler squareframe sunglasses Free Shipping Low Cost Free Shipping 100% Guaranteed Pay With Paypal Cheap Online CfQsMHKbc3

Are you stealing content from other websites and re-purposing it as your own? Visit New Cheap Price Tufi Duek panelled jacket For Sale Finishline Browse With Credit Card Sale Online DxWNYEst

Are you only listing information about affiliate programs on your website? Fendi logo print backpack Store Sale Wide Range Of Cheap Online NyGn4du

Are you installing content on someones computer, changing home pages or pushing unwanted files on a user? Kuboraum Black Maske Y2 sunglasses Discount Fashionable x81Cbu

Did you use an automated program to build a bunch of comment links? Learn more .

Algorithmic Penalties

Google also has seven major algorithmic penalties that can affect your website’s rankings.

The Big List of Google Penalties for SEO

Google prefers quality websites. When the Chloé Mini Drew shoulder bag Finishline Online vDrpKK
detects there are a lot of issues that the Panda algorithum looks at. You can learn more about that here .


This algorithm penalizes overly aggressive link-building schemes, including any links to and from your site that are intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results. Penguin really hits sites hard that have too much anchor text for a term.


You can thank Hollywood and the recording industry for this one. In response to pressure from these powerhouse industries (and the government), Google now penalizes sites that receive multiple requests to remove copyrighted material . If you post content on your site that might fall within this domain, it’s a good idea to regularly check your Google Webmaster Tools account for any DMCA takedown notifications .

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Conjunctions: What is a Conjunction? Conjunction Meaning, Conjunction Examples, Conjunction Exercises with List of words.

Conjunctions: What is a Conjunction? Conjunction Meaning, Conjunction Examples, Conjunction Exercises with List of words.

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Learning Pundits Content Team

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What is a Conjunction?

1. Joins together sentences, and sometimes words.

2. Makes sentences more compact. ‘Sudhir is a good bowler and Sanjay is a good bowler’. Using conjunction we can say in short ‘Sudhir and Sanjay are good bowlers ’.

Types of Conjunctions:

1. used in pairs to join phrases or words that carry equal importance within a sentence ( Either take it or leave it .

2. formed when compound expressions are used as conjunctions ( Such an act would not be kind even if it were just.

3. coordinates or joins two or more sentences, main clauses, words or other parts of speech which are ofequal importance or rank (.Birds fly and fish swim.

4. joins a clause to another one on which it depends for its full meaning or joins dependent clauses to independent clauses (). He ran away because he was afraid .

Tips on using Conjunctions:

Tip #1: Correlative Conjunctions

When Conjunctions are used as Correlatives, each of the correlated words should be placed immediately before the words to be connected.

a)He visited not only Mumbai, but also Pune.

b)He not only visited Mumbai , but also Pune .

Tip #2: Coordinating Conjunctions

Any of the Coordinating Conjunctions, with the exception of ‘ or, nor,’ may be omitted and its place taken by a comma, semicolon, or colon.

a)Rama went out to play but Hari stayed in to work.

b)Rama went out to play ; Hari stayed in to work.

Tip #3: Preposition and Conjunction

It should be followed by a noun or noun equivalent which acts as its object.

a)Stay till Sunday.

b)We shall stay here till you return.

c)The dog ran after the cat.

d)We came after they had left. (‘after’ is a subordinating conjunction here)

Tip #4: Conjunction, Relative Adverb, Relative Pronoun

is an adverb which introduces a relative clause. The relative adverbs are: where, when, whenever and wherever.

a)I will never forget the day when I met Jane.

b) When the doorbell rang, my dog Rusty barked loudly.

is a pronoun which introduces a relative clause. The relative pronouns are: who, whom, which and whose.

a)The boy whose sister works with me is a good designer.

b)I hired Satish, whose interior design work is top-notch.

Tip #5: Since, Or

it should be preceded by a verb in the present perfect tense, and followed by a verb in the simple past tense.

Tip #6: Yet

usedwhen we want to emphasize that contrast to achieve a stronger effect.

is used to talk about something over a period of time, up till now, sometimes with negative meanings and in questions.

a)Isn’t the dinner ready yet ?

b)Don’t eat the mangoes. They’re not ripe yet .

Tip #7: If

Tip #8: That

Tip #9: Than, Lest, Except

: as a Conjunction, follows adjectives and adverbs in the comparative degree.

as a Subordinating Conjunction to express fear or apprehension.

usedforintroducingthe onlyperson, thing, orfactthat is notincluded.

a)I’d invite Paresh myself, except I don’t know where he lives.

b)I haven’t invited anyone except Paresh.

Tip #10: While, Only

is used to mean ‘during the same time as’:

a) While he was sleeping, a thief entered the house.

b)The girls studied while the boys played.

to mean ‘whereas’

as a Conjunction, means ‘except that’ or ‘but’.

a)She sings well, only that she forgets the lyrics in the middle.

b)I would go with you, only I can’t take leave from office.

Spot the Errors:


Either I’m feeling happy or sad, I try to keep a positive attitude. (Incorrect)

Whether I’m feeling happy or sad, I try to keep a positive attitude. (Correct)


Meera went to the marketandMeera bought oranges. (Incorrect)

Meera went to the market and bought oranges. (Correct)


Will you please wait here as soon as I come back? (Incorrect)

Will you please wait here until I come back? (Correct)


I have spoken to Ritesh,and confirmed the time of meeting. (Incorrect)

I have spoken to Ritesh and confirmed the time of meeting. (Correct)


He not only called Amit, but Rita also. (Incorrect)

He called not only Amit, but also Rita. (Correct)


You won’t pass the test if you study. (Incorrect)

You won’t pass the test unless you study. (Correct)


I am living in Shillong since I left school in 2012. (Incorrect)

I have been living in Shillong since I left school in 2012. (Correct)


I will not go unless you also. (Incorrect)

I will not go unless you also do . (Correct)


I like coffeeyetmy wife prefers tea. (Incorrect)

I like coffee but my wife prefers tea. (Correct)


I am late because of the traffic was terrible. (Incorrect)

I am late because of the traffic. / I am late because the traffic was terrible. (Correct)

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